Bitcoin Zebra Review

What is Bitcoin Zebra?

Sadly this faucet has now closed but you can stil access many different faucet alternatives.

Still a fairly unusual concept in the cryptocurrency marketplace, Bitcoin Zebra describes itself as a Faucet for Bitcoin which gives anyone with a Bitcoin address the chance to win as much as 3000 Satoshi each and every hour.

Bitcoin Zebra tells interested users to feed the zebra and get a Bitcoin prize every hour. All that is required is to enter a Bitcoin/BTC address and then claim the prize once an hour. Every hour. Of course, not all interested parties will have a Bitcoin address, however, this isn’t a problem since all this is required is the user to open their own wallet free of charge and start to receive Bitcoins straight away.


Regular Payouts

The majority of the Bitcoin Zebra Faucet payments are made into “Faucetbox” where multiple payments are collected and then paid to the Bitcoin address holder within forty-eight hours after the threshold has been reached.

Users have reported that the Faucet works well and pays out on a weekly basis, with a fair few Bitcoins that can be earned for free. Since users can play every hour there are plenty of lucrative opportunities to draw people in. The payout from the Faucet will vary and is selected randomly from a range of available amounts which are shown in a green box.

Convenient Features

Users of the Bitcoin Zebra site report that loading is pretty quick and thanks to the Google Chrome extension which can be employed users are notified every time a fresh dispense is due. This is one feature that really makes this Faucet stand out when compared to its rivals. Bitcoin Zebra also has SOLVEMEDIA CAPTCHA, and while this often means that an additional security step needs to be taken, it doesn’t affect the fast loading and weekly payouts have proven to be reliable.


Is the Bitcoin Zebra faucet still active?

Sadly this faucet has now closed but you can stil access many different faucet alternatives on which we wil do a detailed post on soon. For now, we recommend the Moon bitcoin faucet as an easy and simple introduction to the world of cryptocurrency faucets. Moon Bitcoin supports a multitude of avenues to claim free bitcoin as well as the ability to mine for bitcoin via your browser.