How To Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Or Debit Card


Are you interested in the options open to you to buy Bitcoin with credit card? You’ve come to the right place. This is one of the easiest and therefore, one of the most commonly used methods of buying bitcoins and cryptocurrency.

Generally speaking, when you buy bitcoin using a debit or credit card through an exchange, you have almost instant access to your cryptocoin. However, it is worth noting that there are still many exchanges out there that do not offer the option to buy Bitcoin with credit card.

This is because of the prevailing issue of scammers using the charge back method, by buying bitcoin, then claiming they have not received what they paid for and then not only get to keep the bitcoin but also the money they originally were meant to use to buy the bitcoin as well.

Therefore it is understandable that exchanges would look to protect their interests when offering buying with credit card as an option and many simply do not have the appropriate technology to handle it.

Furthermore, there is another thing you need to be aware of before you  choose to buy bitcoin with credit card. The relative convenience of this process comes at a hefty premium – exchanges tend to apply charges to card purchases. This can be as high as 4%, depending on which exchange you choose to do business with.

If you still are interested in buying bitcoin using your credit card or debit card (there are some instances when you can’t buy using a credit card, but can if you own a debit card), we will highlight some of the best and recommended methods for doing this below.

Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card Through Coinbase

One of the most popular and highly reputable exchanges for Bitcoin currently in operation is Coinbase. Established in 2012 has been making it relatively easy for the general public to buy cryptocurrencies.

You simply create your own Coinbase account, link it to your preferred payment method and then you can buy Bitcoin. However, as noted further up the page, you cannot buy bitcoin with credit card through Coinbase, but you can use your debit card if you have one.

Coinbase are trustworthy because they work closely with the authorities in the US. This means that any profits they make will be reported and tax will be paid on it. It is also good to note that Coinbase requires that account owners upload  a picture of official ID so they can confirm their identity.

Purchasing Limits and Fees

Compared to the competition on the market today, Coinbase offers low buying limits and purchasing fees. Of course, it will depend on the verification level you have on your Coinbase account, but you will be able to buy various amounts of Bitcoin on a day to day basis. For account holders with the highest verification level, you are able to purchase $50,000 worth of cryptocurrency every day.

The transaction fee is only applied when you purchase Bitcoin, so you will not be issued a fee against any money you move onto the exchange.

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card Through BitPanda

BitPanda is a bit different from other exchanges on the market today, in that it offers its users a wide array of payment options and various forms of cryptocurrency (not just Bitcoin).

Although BitPanda currently only sell cryptocurrencies to European customers, their fees and rates are highly competitive.

The exchange also has a clear and easy to use interface, so even at entry level to the world of cryptocurrency, you can navigate around it and buy Bitcoin (or the type you prefer) with little to no fuss. Along with offering customers the chance to buy Bitcoin with credit card, BitPanda also accept OBT, SEPA transfers, Giropay, EPS, Skrill, Netteller and Sofort transfers.

To sign up for an account, you need use some kind of identification. This may not be to everyone’s taste if you have concerns about privacy.

Bitpanda Purchasing Limits and Fees

When it comes to using their services, BitPanda charge fees that are around 3 to 4%, depending on the circumstances of your purchases. It is worth noting that this information is not displayed when you come to the checkout.

As with any exchange, the amount of bitcoin you can purchase will depend on the verification level you have on your account.

Gold is the highest verification level and allows you to buy bitcoin with credit card to the value of 10,000 euros every day. While the lowest verification level is Bronze, and allows you to purchase just 50 Euros worth every day.

Buy Bitcoin With Credit Card Through is based in London and has been in operation since 2013. This is another great choice for buying Bitcoin using a credit or debit card. With this exchange you benefit from a number of different advantages, such as the great liquidity it has, the powerful security and the cross-platform trading that is possible via not just their website, but their API and mobile app options too.

According to the exchange and their website, they currently have in excess of 2 million users actively trading in cryptocurrency.

Compared to Coinbase and BitPanda, the coverage offered by is slightly better as people from 99% of the world’s countries can use it, including 24 US states. Although there are a number that do not qualify, are busy working on getting further Money Transferring Licenses. Purchasing Limits and Fees offer limits and fees that are incredibly competitive with other exchanges on the market. You are charged 3.9% when you buy Bitcoin with credit card or debit card, for instance. also offer the unique option to sell your bitcoin back onto your debit or credit card. Something that not many other exchanges allow you to do.


As you can see, there are a number of different options if you are looking to buy bitcoin with credit card or even a debit card. Obviously, as with anything involving money, you need to think carefully before investing in a specific exchange for bitcoin. Hopefully our brief guide will help to direct you to the right one for you and your circumstances.