How To Get Free Ethereum

Can You Really Get Free Etherium?

ETHEREUM-LOGOEtherium has become the second largest and one of the most well known and best-performing altcoins by market capitalization. Yes Eterium has become big business in recent years. Many people still don’t know that you don’t actually need to invest in altcoins like Etherium to get in on the game. You can still purchase Etherium with real money, of course, and get to grips with the use of wallets and addresses on the official Etherium project page, but the free Ether sites/ETH are ideal for those that want a much more affordable introduction to the world of Etherium.

Just as you can win free gems and diamonds in mobile apps by watching videos, completing short surveys or rating apps, similarly, you can do exactly the same with Etherium. Only you can actually spend Etherium on purchasing bitcoin that you can use in the real world on cinema tickets, a night out with friends or in a plethora of other places which are readily accepting this new cryptocurrency.

Here are the best free Etherium sites/ETH in June 2018, where you can get your hands-on Etherium for free, or for completing a few simple tasks:


A Etherium faucet that has been running since 2016, this faucet pays out both Bitcoin as well as Etherium. This faucet pays out every 30 minutes. Users need to register and confirm their email address before getting access to a control panel that offers various ways in which to earn. User registration is a great way to deter bots from emptying out the faucet. The Multicoinfaucet model rewards Ether to users by playing the “roll the dice” game. Rewards are calculated as per the following matrix:


The higher the number of your dice throw was, the more your satoshi reward will be. Besides the dice roll game they also offer other games such as coin toss, hi-lo dice, 8 ball pool, and hourly and weekly raffles. also offer users the opportunity to sign up to their advertising club, allowing for direct banner advertising on their site. A very awesome and user-friendly faucet – comes highly recommended to visit and get some free Ether for simply doing a spin!



ethereumclix-reviewA Etherium faucet with a difference uses their own coin system called Szabo’s. Users also need to register and verify their email account details before getting access to the sites control panel. The minimum payout is 3500 Szabo or same as 0.0035 ETH and you must wait 1 to 72 hours to receive your payment request. They have been running for over 24 months since 2016 and are relatively trusted. They also allow for deposits and withdrawals. Users earn Szabo for surfing ads. They have a clever validation process to unlock the earning / viewing of their ads portal. They also run a forum where users can collaborate and share their earning strategies and success. I did find it hard to follow the surf ads section but once that was completed i earned my etherium as promised.


This is a multi-coin faucet supporting a number of bitcoin and altcoin faucets. Users do not need to register to claim some ether. Lots of display ads but no annoying popup ads and the site is easy enough to navigate. Simply enter your ether wallet address thats linked to your account and your good to start earning. This faucet paid 27 satoshi every minute when we last visited. So easy to claim it does get addictive, so why dont you see how much you can claim?


etheriumfaucet-info-reviewA sole etherium faucet that gives gwei to users every minute for simply entering their ether adress and solving the simple capitchas. Users are not required to register an account to use this faucet. Isers are not required to wait for shortlinks or watch ads. Another interesting concept enforced by is their users returning policy. They claim that users must return or make a claim atleast once every 30 days, or their account wil be deemed inactive. Whats horrible here is that all unclaimed funds wil be forfeit. They also allow users to run a mining script via their browser to mine some ether coin if a user so wishes. Currently this browser script is claiming to pay 13720 Satoshi per million hashes. Users can also only claim from their account once their balance reaches 0.000000600 ETH. Somehow with the 30 day cut off period for claiming your winnings causes a bizarre urgency to get that ether bar full so you can claim your winnings before its too late!


A simple faucet, hotcoins is a well-known bitcoin and dash faucet that’s now also gives users the chance to claim some etherium. Users are able to claim 50 satoshi every 10 minutes. Users are not required to signup via email to be able to claim. Users are not required to click on short links and watch adverts while a link is being generated.


A simple faucet, is a well-known multi-coin faucet that also gives users the chance to claim some etherium. Users are able to claim 141 satoshi every 5 minutes. Users are not required to signup via email to be able to claim. Users are not required to click on short links and watch adverts while a link is being generated. But users are required to click around alot and search for the correct links!. Worth it thou for free satoshis!


This eterium faucet requires users to register and confirm their email address. The pays around 50 satoshi every 60 minutes and users need to have a Faucethub account to receive payments and use the faucet. The main way to claim is to roll a lucky number. The higher the numer you roll – the more the claim wil be. Users are offered various methods to earn coins. These are a lottery, mining script, various games such as yolodice, luckygames, yabtcl, stake and bitdouble to name a few. A very awesome and user-friendly faucet – comes highly recommended to visit and get some free Ether for simply doing a spin!


Probably the biggest player currently in the faucet world. A trusted site in the industry offering its own faucet software and unlike many sites on our list, a microwallet account that supports multiple cryptocurrencies. They process and pay thousands of users. A Microwallet allows users to receive payments from hundreds of faucets and make then payout this in bitcoin and various other popular altcoins. Current altcoins currently supported are Eetherium, Litecoim, Dogecoin, Bitcoin cash, Bitcore, Dash, Blackcoin, Peercoin, Primecoin and Potcoin.  The benefit of a micro wallet account is that it allows you to have all of your altcoins faucet site wallets in one central place. also has a bitcoin exchange where users can buy and sell bitcoin from one another. Besides all these rich features Faucethub also offers its users games such as “Multicoin” and “Rock, Paper, Bitcoin ” also allow users to win more bitcoin, but also the chance to win a Bitcoin jackpot. The site was safe to use when we tested it and had no malicious popup traffic or further annoying ads that require user interaction. come highly recommended so why not open your own microwallet and claim some free altcoins today!.

While free Etherium sites/ETH may not turn you into an overnight millionaire, they’re a great way to get involved in the ALTCOIN craze, normally in exchange for just a few minutes of your time – if that!

Authors Note: I worked hard on this article so if you are going to use these faucets – please use the affiliate links i provided, helps us buy coffee around here, and lets us do better research. If you are going to copy my work from me please atleast send a link to back to me, saying you found the information here. Happy fauceting!