Jaxx Bitcoin Wallet Review

There are many different cryptocurrency wallets available to store a variety of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. These multi-coin wallets have proven highly beneficial with users looking to maximise their profits and buy or trade different digital currencies for maximum profit.

One of these platforms is the Jaxx Wallet. While it follows similar functions to other crypto wallets available, the Jaxx Wallet looks to be aiming for greater heights, with more ambitious expectations that are hoped to set them apart from other wallets on the market.

Here, our Jaxx Wallet review will go over the look, feel, features, benefits and disadvantages of the Jaxx wallet to discover if it is a platform you can trust, and if it is worth your time and money.

Jaxx Wallet Interface

One of the most striking features of the Jaxx Wallet on first launch is its simple, easy-to-use interface. Too many crypto wallets feature arbitrary images that help with the branding of the wallet, but can become distracting when customers just want to view their balance and transfer between accounts – like any regular banking app.

The minimalistic interface makes operating the app simple and straightforward, providing a user-friendly experience for crypto veterans and newcomers.

Jaxx Wallet Features

 Jaxx contains many features that are attractive to both the experienced e-wallet user as well as rookies just getting into the game. When looking to download wallets for cryptocurrency, there are several features that everybody is looking for. These include:

  • Pairs with your other devices
  • Multi-coin support
  • ShapeShift integration

Having such features generates great benefits for users and makes Jaxx a more attractive solution to cryptocurrency storage than many others available.

 Jaxx Wallet Benefits

 Jaxx provides a number of special features that set it apart from other e-wallets. These features are not just there to show off how talented the developers are, they are actually there to contribute to added security to give users peace of mind when using Jaxx. They make the wallet more reliable and safer with both your information and your assets.

With local keys, users can rest assured that different servers will be not able to access such keys. They are created on the local device and locked for security to ensure reliability.

Jaxx also offers free access, this means that there is no requirement for verification to access the Jaxx account. There is always the fact of needing extra security (you might need it, you might not, it varies), but this is something that Jaxx understands and can provide a variety of security protocols to help you achieve this.  

Additionally, unlike other e-wallets, Jaxx is entirely free to download, however users will be asked to contribute a cost when it comes to transaction fees.

Perhaps most importantly, the ShapeShift integration gives users a broader range of freedom when it comes to trading and converting different currencies including blockchain tokens. For some platforms, this conversion needs to be done independently of the other but with the Jaxx Wallet, this can be achieved in the actual wallet itself with all of the currencies support by Jaxx.

This feature provides quick and convenient exchange at the touch of a button with users simply selecting how much they want to exchange from one currency, such as Bitcoin, and converting it to another, such as Ethereum. Other currencies that are accepted by Jaxx are: Dash, Ethereum Classic, DAO, Litecoin, Augur, among others.

Its cross-platform support allows users to operate Jaxx on whatever device they desire. Supported platforms include: Windows, Apple, Android, iOS, Google Chrome and Firefox extensions.

Jaxx Wallet Disadvantages

With Jaxx being a ‘hot wallet’ – a wallet that is connected to the internet and generally understood to be less secure than hardware wallet – it is not ideal to store large amounts of currency. If you are someone who manages multiple wallets, this shouldn’t be an issue, as you can reserve higher amounts for more established e-wallets.

That being said, for general everyday use such as spending small amounts or trading between different cryptocurrencies, Jaxx is ideal. While there have been reports of some users struggling with the app, this appears to have been during its early stages. Since then, there have been few, if any, negative reports regarding its effectiveness as an e-wallet.

Furthermore, while Jaxx has strived to make the app as secure as possible, there are some factors which are unavoidable. The 4-digit pin is not safe enough to protect from hacks and the lack of 2-factor authentication could make breaches more likely.

The Final Verdict

 With all of its ambitions, Jaxx could have very easily tried to do far too much, which could have proven to be a mistake at the expense of the end-user experience. Our Jaxx Wallet review has demonstrated what Jaxx has done to provide an experience for users that have made it easy to access from any device you might have at hand. While there are still minor doubts over its security, users are encouraged to remember not to hold too much money in the wallet and reserve it for smaller purchases or trading exercises.