Where Can You Find Bitcoin Atm’s In Los Angeles

Bringing Bitcoin to the Masses – Bitcoin ATM Los Angeles

There has been no shortage of reports in the media about the growth of bitcoin as a new form of currency. Since bitcoin came into existence in 2009, the craze over the currency has only gotten bigger and bigger. While there are many ways to chart the growth of the cryptocurrency, one of the most recent ways to see the kind of reach that bitcoin has, is to look at the emergence of bitcoin ATMs.

The first bitcoin ATM opened in 2013, in a coffee shop in Vancouver, Canada. Since then, bitcoin ATMs have started to make the rounds, with new countries and cities introducing the ATM machines, and with them, a whole new way of withdrawing funds. One of the first cities to experience the Bitcoin ATM craze was Los Angeles.

The First Bitcoin ATM in Los Angeles

These days, it’s not too difficult to come across a bitcoin ATM in Los Angeles, but back in 2014, it was a completely new concept. The first two bitcoin ATMs opened in June of 2014, enabling bitcoin-to-cash withdrawals.

The two machines, costing $15,000, were installed on 701 Lincoln Blvd. and 5825 Franklin Avenue, in Locali stores. This marked a turning point in the adoption of bitcoin as a usable almost-everyday currency. Both machines were launched by Robocoin, who at the time, had more than 100 requests for ATMs in Los Angeles.

Bitcoin ATM Los Angeles Overload

Fast forward to almost mid-2018, and the Bitcoin ATM Los Angeles count has skyrocketed from a mere 2 ATMs to 249 separate ATM and teller machines. Many of these aren’t restricted to just bitcoin either, they now accept multiple cryptocurrencies, including Ether, Dash, and Zcash.

Many machines allow for fiat currency to cryptocurrency as well as cryptocurrency to fiat currency transfers. The machines have been installed under multiple ATM-providers, including COINworks, EZcoin, and CoinSource.

Where Can You Find A Bitcoin ATM in Los Angeles?

From humble beginnings, now you can barely find a street in central Los Angeles that doesn’t have a bitcoin ATM, or multiple ATMs. The machines are spread out from Burbank to Norwalk, with multiple ATMs in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are a number of store types in Los Angeles where finding a bitcoin ATM is a common occurrence, including in cafes like Belwood Bakery & Café and Café 86, liquor stores like Frank’s Liquor and Liquor Town, and tobacco stores like the Vaporizers Smoke Shop.

One thing is for sure, if you need a bitcoin ATM in Los Angeles, you’ll never have far to walk!