Companies Which Accepts Bitcoin Payments


Who Accepts Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are still the best known cryptocurrency in the marketplace today and they are the biggest digital currency out there. It’s no wonder then that so many of the biggest companies are now accepting Bitcoin as payment, allowing customers to buy online products with this form of digital currency. A company who accepts Bitcoin is widening their potential audience and improving their appeal to the Millennial generation.

Why Are Companies Accepting Bitcoin?

More companies are starting to recognise the importance of accepting Bitcoin to stay ahead in today’s competitive marketplace. As the value of Bitcoin has risen over the last few years, these funds can prove to be beneficial to the company, so it isn’t surprising that a number of big names have decided to broaden their financial horizons in this respect.

The Top Companies Who Accepts Bitcoin 

While the answer to the question “who accepts Bitcoin” tends to revolve around big name brands, some are new and upcoming, forward-thinking companies that are keen to harness a younger, technologically advanced market. Some of the top companies accepting Bitcoin already include the following.


A popular and convenient choice for flower delivery, 1-800-Flowers can supply floral displays and bouquets for all kinds of occasions from birthday gifts to get well presents. Whether surprising a loved one or expressing sympathy, their same day delivery service is ideal for those last minute treats.


Another company who accepts Bitcoin is aBitSky, a long standing travel deal website which has been operating since 2002. With its outstanding deals on car rentals, hotels and flights, this company is based in Lithuania and offers Bitcoin as a primary form of payment for the majority of services it supplies.


Based in Latvia, this airline was one of the first pioneers to accept Bitcoin, having been allowing customers to use the cryptocurrency for four years already. airBaltic’s flights operate across Europe and the Middle East.


As you might expect from a technology company, AirVPN started life in 2010 as a project launched by hackers, although it became a company in its own right in 2012. Today, AirVPN has over 200 servers with 35 datacentres across 19 countries and 3 continents. AirVPN’s services are used by people who are highly aware of issues around data protection, security and privacy – the very people who would be attracted to using Bitcoin as their main payment method.

Bitcoin Coffee

You might expect any company who accepts Bitcoin to use the name in their title, and Bitcoin Coffee certainly has. Launched in 2016, this company’s mission is to give customers perfectly roasted and perfectly smooth coffee, with organic and premium ranges and blends from around the world.


The “Bit” in the title of this company gives away the fact that it accepts Bitcoin when receiving donations for the many international and local charities with which it works to create stableand better communities and to supply relief.


A well known name in the newspaper industry, Bloomberg operates exclusively online, specialising in providing news from the financial sector for the United States and the rest of the world. It also reports on other news, although its primary focus is on continental US issues.


Taking a novel approach to cryptocurrencies, is aware the that many shoppers want to buy from a company who accepts Bitcoin but many of the most popular retailers have not yet included Bitcoin as one of their accepted options. gets around this problem by selling gift cards to customers for top brands like Amazon and Walmart and accepting Bitcoin in payment.


Etsy is one of the most forward thinking marketplaces online today, allowing individuals and businesses to list products on the site in exchange for a fee. Although not every product from every seller can be purchased using Bitcoin, there is more than one seller who accepts Bitcoin for their goods.


A company with a long history in the travel industry, Expedia was first established way back in 1996 and has risen to become one of the most known travel sites online. As such a huge name, it comes as no surprise that Expedia accepts Bitcoin payments from travellers looking to book accommodation and transport.

Invisible Browsing

For anyone that values their anonymity while browsing the internet, Invisible Browsing is the ideal answer. Created back in 2013, this company’s mission is to help internet users to improve their anonymity on the internet and when using services and applications online. Compatible with the majority of popular operating systems, Invisible Browsing appeals to those who are determined to hide their identity and therefore it isn’t surprising that Bitcoin, with all of its anonymity-promoting qualities, is accepted.

Lionsgate Films

Although you can’t use Bitcoins to pay for movie tickets yet, Lionsgate Films, the company which made high grossing movies like The Hunger Games does allow customers to pay in Bitcoin at their online shop where merchandise is sold.


One of the biggest names on this list, Microsoft is a giant in the computing industry and the brains behind widely used software like PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Microsoft Account holders can add to their account in Bitcoin.

Another well known name, Overstock is an internet retailer that dates back to the late 1990s and the internet’s infancy. Having grown rapidly since then, this online business has a wide range of high quality merchandise which is available to buyers who want to use Bitcoin to make payment.


One of the more interesting ways to spend Bitcoins, Pizzaforcoins is cashing in on the fact that the very first product to be bought using Bitcoins was pizza (at a cost of 10,000 Bitcoin). This site promises that hungry Bitcoin fans can buy their favourite pizzas from anywhere they like using Bitcoin and get it delivered right to their home.


Although some organizations still have their doubts about accepting Bitcoins because the market is relatively new, any company who accepts Bitcoin is getting ahead in the game. Having only been introduced a few years ago, this digital currency is on the rise and with its volatility and rapid fluctuations, it is an exciting choice for investors.